CFB. A highly deflationary token by FinBet.

Our token’s supply will decrease over time, causing tokens to become more valuable. Look out for the CFB token and be a part of our success.

CFB liquidity mining program

Top up your FinBet account using BEP20 (BUSD, BNB), ERC20 (ETH, USDT), BTC or LTC network.

Bet UP or DOWN on one (or many) among the following commodities, stocks, index or forex.

Complete the turnover to get your deposit back in DeFiScale staking plan! We will boost each staking plan with additional APR up to 55%!

Our token’s deflationary features

Initially, 1% of each bet amount will be burned.

We will introduce a yearly burning program where a portion of our earnings will be used to burn CFB tokens.

Later, 10% of all B2B (white label) revenue will also be burned.

Token allocation

Below you can find the details about our allocation strategy.
All the future commission airdrops will be decided by token holders through voting.

PRIVATE SALE 210 000 000 | 10% LISTINGS 315 000 000 | 15% STRAEGIC PARTNERSHIPS 210 000 000 | 10% BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT VAULT 315 000 000 | 15% COMPANY RESERVES 105 000 000 | 5% COMMUNITY 210 000 000 | 10% LIQUIDITY MINING 315 000 000 | 15% ADVISORS & TEAM 210 000 000 | 10% FOUNDERS 210 000 000 | 10% WHOLE SUPPLY 2 100 000 000 | 100%

CFB Sale Plan

Private sale I

Q1 2021

50 mln CFB
at 0.01 USDT

Private sale II

Q2 2021

50 mln CFB
at 0.02 USDT

Private sale III

Q2 2021

50 mln CFB
at 0.03 USDT


Q2 2021 onwards

CFB listed on various Exchanges

Road map

Our Team

Wojciech Wójcik

Seasoned senior compliance office and head of risk management team with extensive knowledge of financial markets. Former Chief Financial Officer at Sunrise Finance sp z.o.o and Simple Investments sp. z.o.o.. Wojciech is responsible for team that ensures safety and compliance of FinBet platform.

Wojciech Karbowski

Wojciech has been involved with sales and financial markets for over 20 years. With great international expertise, Wojciech is head of our product – FinBet platform.

Piotr Gabryś

An expert with years of experience in the financial market with a special focus on fundamental analysis, event-driven trading, and educational ventures. Piotr is in charge of FinBet Academy. He provides clients with knowledge and daily information about betting opportunities.